I want- by Bobby Derrekson

Warning Explicit content ahead! You were warned.

I want to see a movie with a guy, hold hands while we watch it. Let’s sit, her and I and have a cigarette and sip coffee. They could go see gory films, something my heart cannot endure. We can enjoy a picnic in the park.

I want to bond, man to man. Flirt, with the pretty brunette girl of mine. We can cuddle. Flirting turns into a contest, arousal can ensue. We can play strip poker or finally have a third for monopoly. We can take each others clothes off and play truth or dare, well… mostly dare.

I want to get on my knees and suck cock. She and I can compete, with him as the judge. Take it in the ass while I’m going down on her. I can play with her breasts as he goes down on me. She can see me squirm, or we can make her tremble in ecstasy. We can thrill each other. We can kiss. We can fall asleep in a mass of fulfilled bliss.

I want to feel balanced, to have peace, to not have to think for a goddamn minute.

I want to forget my name and forget where I came from, if even for just a minute.

I want

bi the way y’all, I’m having a great day. I’ll give you updates later on, I just had this little “monologue” inside me and I had to let it out. ttyl!