"The windows are open
Boxers only, the breeze is cool
The sun is shining
and I’m taking some time for me."

Living like this

One of the reasons that this blog seems to be on a hiatus, or less often posted to, is that I did gain weight. It seems silly, but I like presenting the best side of me and well, I’ve not been too proud of the weight gain. That, and well, It’s entirely new to me to blog about the good stuff, the stuff that doesn’t involve the DRAMA. It’s amazing no? Mr. Drama has finally cooled off.

The last couple of years were a roller coaster. Things have taken a turn for the better and the steam I once had to write about “my issues” has ran dry. It’s a good thing though, I would’ve never dreamed to be, here. The narrative is changing and I’ve not found my groove yet.

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"5 years fly bi!"

Be mine, be yours

From me to you
I hope you do
Enjoy your day
Whether bi, str8, or gay
Trans or genderqueer
I’m glad you’re here.
Happy Valentine’s Day

You gain some, you lose something…

Yes, lets rewind some. Two years ago, i was in a rough place. I was my skinniest weighing in at 150lbs. Wearing size 32 pants that were sagging and squeezing into a size small shirt. This time, two years ago, i had just been laid off from my long term job, the print job i really enjoyed and things weren’t going all too swell in marriage land.

I had left therapy because I knew the layoff was coming. I was on my own. I lost my “friend” the one that i got all horny and crazy about. Mr. V. It was a rough patch but i was determined to move forward, to find a job again, pick myself up and move forward.

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Toys for this boy

It’s like the holidays all over again!

Spoiled myself the other day bi doing some toy shopping at the big boy store. Package finally came today, here’s what I got ;]

also bought some toy cleaner, cause you gotta keep it good clean fun. I’m excited :)

*just fyi, i don’t endorse any products nor was i paid to blog about em, I paid full price for those bitches.*

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"The champagne is chilling and we are preparing to wrap up another year. I propose a toast to the war in our minds, to surviving another one, to our internet lives and loves, to you, to me and everyone we know. Cheers!"

— Bring it on, NEW YEAR!